UST Mamiya – Best "Quality (quality)," "Performance" (performance) is brand leader of golf shaft which continues providing "Feel" (sensitivity), official site of USTMamiya.
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Importance of shaft
Importance of the shaft

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It is the times when anything is high-performance.
Therefore shaft of "hardness" that fitted oneself "weight" "characteristic"
It is important that we find.

Your golf surely changes.

Ask shaft!

Event, shidakai

We hold event and shidakai which can sense product bodily in each places of the whole country

USTMamiya product which has many golfers use habitually including tour professionals fighting in the world.
We hold participation or shidakai to golf fair in whole country each place in USTMamiya to have you have you sense the technology and good swing feeling of feeling bodily and know product more.